Study Abroad

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Don't just learn about the world... experience it!

Why not integrate an international element into your degree experience at York? While completing your undergraduate studies, go global with an educational travel opportunity that includes active involvement and immersion within a host country.


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Preparing to Go Abroad


  1. Determine your goals for going abroad, and decide which opportunity suits your needs. Speak to family members if necessary.
  2. Review the study abroad options above and FAQs.
  3. Consult with your Undergraduate Program Office (program assistant and Director) and academic advising to ensure you are meeting your program requirements, if you plan to use your international experience as part of your degree.
  4. Complete your initial research and visit the Global Cafe (Room 244 York Lanes) at York International to meet other students who have gone abroad, to hear about their experiences and to get useful information.
  5. Be mindful of information sessions and application deadlines for each category. Submit early and wait for the final results.
  6. Anticipate and start saving funds. Once you are selected, apply to any financial assistance/awards that York University might have.
  7. Attend a Pre-Departure Information Session (if applicable).
  8. Travel safe and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!