1. What does study abroad entail?

Study abroad is a learning activity outside of York University that is completed internationally for academic credits. LA&PS students can get involved in a variety of ways such as enrolling in a YorkU Abroad summer course, applying for an exchange program or completing a letter of permission to complete a course at any accredited academic institution. There are also non-credit opportunities that provide students with an international experience, such as global internships.

2. What are the benefits of studying abroad?

  • It is a travel experience of a lifetime!
  • Gain critical thinking skills
  • Learn about yourself in relation to your studies
  • Exposure to intercultural learning and increased understanding of cultures
  • Build global networks
  • Improve language and linguistic proficiency
  • Become a globally-minded citizen ready to operate in an increasingly globalized society

3. Am I eligible to study abroad?

Every LA&PS student (Canadian or international student) in good academic standing can internationalize their undergraduate degree with a study abroad experience. It is mandatory for International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) students to study abroad on academic exchange.

4. I have full-time commitments. Are there any international opportunities I can explore?

Yes. Students who work and study simultaneously can participate in an opportunity by taking a YorkU Abroad Course during the Summer Term. YorkU Abroad courses are up to four weeks abroad. Other options include participating in an Experiential Trip through a York course or customizing your own experience through a Letter of Permission.

5. What is the best time to study abroad on exchange?

LA&PS students should plan at the beginning of the second year to study abroad within their third year (preferably) — for Academic Exchange. Keep in mind that the York University semester will differ from the semester structure at a university abroad. Allow sufficient time to return, complete administrative procedures and receive academic credit for your expected graduation date.

Participating in any of the other Study Abroad options is available to any student, any time — provided they meet the requirements.

6. If I only speak English can I still study abroad?

Yes. The language of instruction at many of York's partner universities is English. Some partner universities offer intensive language training before or during the semester to improve your language skills. By planning ahead, you could start language training in your first year and enhance it through immersion at a foreign university in your senior years. Specific language requirements are noted on each university's profile. York International identifies the following partner institutions (Look under Where? in the previous link).

YorkU Abroad courses are taught in English (except for the language courses). As well, York International Internship Placements have many positions that do not require knowledge of another language.

7. What are the funding options available?

Partial funding is available with York International for approved programs this office administers such as exchanges, internships and summer abroad courses. LA&PS established a study abroad award to provide additional support to undergraduates whose home faculty is LA&PS. This award supports a variety of international experiences that also include practicum, experiential trips and international conferences.

Information about other possible sources of funding are available here.

8. How can I learn more about the experience of studying abroad?

  • Take a look at our featured videos of LA&PS alumni and student testimonials to hear of their experiences!
  • Review our study abroad categories and current opportunities to find one that best suits you!
  • Attend information sessions.
  • If you would like to speak to one of your peers who is an international student from the region or a York University student that studied abroad in your country of interest, you may visit the Global Cafe at 244 York Lanes.
  • Speak to staff in the Office of the Dean, Global & Community Engagement team (gce@yorku.ca)